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First Time Home Buyers

Why rent when you can own your own home, is a common question asked by many people.

A two way conversation about this is very important! At Trusterra Mortgage we would be happy to hear your questions, concerns and other comments about home ownership and see how we can help you. Please Contact Us with any questions you have about home ownership and how to get approved for financing to be able to buy your first home. Even if you’re not ready now to jump into the home buying process, it would be to your advantage to prepare yourself for the time when you will be ready. Don’t leave things to the last minute. Start now.

There are benefits of home ownership, such as:

– Being a proud owner of your home.

– Owning a home gives you an interest in land, which is valuable.

– Instead of paying monthly rent, you are making payments towards
paying off your mortgage.

– By paying down your mortgage you are building equity in your home.

– The more equity you have on your home, the more you can access that equity in way of a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) at lower interest rates than a Personal Line of Credit. You can use the money from the HELOC for anything you like, paying down your high interest credit cards, buy that car you really like, plan your next vacation getaway, invest in your children’s education or a second property, and the list goes on …!

At Trusterra Mortgage we can help you get approved with the right mortgage. Trusterra Mortgage has access to a variety of mortgage products designed to help each home buyer with their unique mortgage related needs.

Whether you are salaried or a self employed first time home buyer there are mortgage solutions that can be right for you. Let Trusterra Mortgage be your trusted adviser with all your mortgage related needs.

first time home buyers

First time home buyers with strong credit history and provable income can purchase their first home with as low as 5% down payment.

Do not hesitate to CONTACT US if you have any questions or would like to start your mortgage approval process.

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