Infill Construction Financing

Infill Construction Financing

In real estate markets in many of Canada’s largest urban centres infill construction financing has become a common request by many builders and investors. Even home owners consider infill construction financing for rebuilding their homes on the existing land they are living on.

Infill Construction Financing


In places like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and the surrounding cities of these urban centres infill construction financing applications have become a normal and routine process in attaining the funds needed to start a residential construction project. It is pretty well the same with non-residential or commercial construction projects.

This is yet another important reason why a borrower, investor, and or builder should work with a Mortgage Broker as many of them have extensive experience in working with many lenders who provide infill construction financing.

For the most part infill construction refers to the process of getting money for financing the construction of a real estate project in which the applicant has or will be purchasing an existing property and the land it is on for the purposes of knocking it down to build a new property on it. At times infill construction financing also refers to the acquisition of raw land on which plans are in place to build residential or commercial property on it.

Infill Construction Financing requirements

  • Each lending institution will have their own borrowing requirements, but some of these can be applied across the board with many if not all lenders.
  • Minimum and maximum loan amounts
  • Borrower qualification standards for income / employment
  • Credit worthiness in the way of credit checks and its history and strength
  • Past experience in home or commercial building projects
  • Lending interest rates will vary based on each projects unique realities and other variables like, location, size, and funds required.
  • Usually there is a lender and broker fee
  • Appraisals will be required throughout the project to verify land and property value before and after infill construction project
  • Sometimes even environmental tests must be done depending on the type of property and land currently on site
  • With infill construction the lenders typically give up to 100% of the hard construction costs and up to 75-80% of the lot purchase price or appraised value

Infill Construction Financing

The above items should give you a good idea of what is involved with applying for infill construction financing. At Trustterra Mortgage we’re always here to help our clients attain the best possible mortgage financing options available to them based on their credit and income realities. If you have any questions or wish to start on a infill construction financing project Contact Us. We would be happy to help!


Moving From ‘RENTER’ to ’OWNER’

Moving From RENTER to OWNER could be easier than you think


Moving from renter to owner

Start Enjoying All the Rewards of Home Ownership when moving from renter to owner.


There is great satisfaction in having a home you can call your own, and we’re committed in helping you enjoy every benefit of home ownership.

We have access to a variety of programs to help first-time buyers with low and no down payment programs, options for less-than-perfect credit, self-employed customers and more, for moving from renter to owner.


Here’s WHY Buying and moving from Renter to Owner Makes Sense:

Stop paying your landlord’s mortgage – Instead, your monthly payments cab go toward paying down your mortgage principal, and interest, not your landlord’s.

Equity – Over the years, homeowners have the opportunity to build equity and receive a great return on their investment in a home.

Security – Unlike rent, a homeowner’s mortgage payment will not increase over the term of their loan.

Cash Access – Homeowners can borrow against their home’s equity, or turn it into cash when they sell their property.

Whatever your home financing needs are, we’re ready to help with a broad range of programs, money-saving options and personalized service.


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