Build an Eco-Friendly House

The Right Way to Build an Eco-Friendly House

This is an interesting article written by the Globe and Mail writer Alex Bozikovic about building eco-friendly homes.

Simplicity seems to be the main suggestion to the building process and the title of the article “The Right way to build an eco-friendly house” seems to give it away.

In Canada the idea to build an eco-friendly house is slowly starting to catch on with the general public, especially as the cost of living and maintaining a home is rising; to be more specific water, gas and electricity.

First time home buyers or fist time eco-friendly home builders should do their research very carefully to learn as much as they can about this up and coming industry and way of living before making any final decisions on purchasing an already built eco-friendly home, or starting from scratch and building their own eco-friendly home.

For some real life example of these types of homes have  a read of the below article on our Facebook page, or visit the site directly.

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build an eco-friendly house
picture courtesy of Darren Greenwood photography