Home Buying Tip

A Home Buying Tip that can help you buy the right home

Here is a home buying tip for those of you looking to buy your next home. When doing a home inspection make sure to be there during the actual inspection of the house by the home inspector.

In a future article and in follow up with our home buying tip we will share more information about the importance of hiring a home inspector.

Another home buying tip is don’t hire the first home inspector you see in the news paper advertisement, but rather, call around and ask friends and family whether they know of any trusted and experienced home inspectors they can refer you to.

In this post we are also highlighting the Government of Ontario’s agency responsible for the protection of the consumer when it comes to these types of matters, the Consumer Protection Ontario. On their web site you will find helpful information and home buying tips.

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Walking through the home inspection with the Home Inspector can also be a learning experience for you as the inspection is a thorough one where all sections and technical operations of the home are looked at to make sure there are no dangerous or critical problems with the home.

home buying tipYou can visit the web site of The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors where you can find helpful information about home inspectors, including home buying tips.