Mortgage Rates

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At Trusterra Mortgage we offer competitive mortgage rates for all term schedules. The rates you see below cover the mortgage rates for residential owner occupied properties, and those that also include legal rental units up to a four plex.

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If you have any questions about mortgages such as whats the right mortgage product for you, how much you could be approved for, or how the application process works or anything else; CONTACT US and we would be happy to help you figure everything out.

Another area of real estate lending is for commercial mortgages? Looking for commercial mortgage rates? Contact us as each project is reviewed on a case by case basis on its own merits.

In conclusion our goal is not only to offer competitive rates but also to provide you with exceptional service and appropriate and suitable professional advise that is based on your unique needs and circumstances.

6 Month Closed Fixed / 4.49%*
1 Year Closed Fixed / 3.19%*
2 Year Closed Fixed / 2.89%*
3 Year Closed Fixed / 2.89%*
4 Year Closed Fixed / 2.94%*
5 Year Closed Fixed / 2.94%*
7 Year Closed Fixed / 3.44%*
10 Year Closed Fixed / 3.84%*

5 Year Closed Variable / 3.20%*
5 Year Open Variable / 5.75%*

Home Equity Line of Credit / 4.95%*

Prime Lending Rate: 3.95% as of October 24, 2018.
*Rates shown current as of 11 September 2019, and are subject to change without notice.
*As per approval guidelines of lending institution.
*Owner occupied single family dwellings, up to and including 4 units.