Helping Realtors Close Deals

Helping Realtors Close Deals

At Trusterra Mortgage we’d like to work with Realtors and help Realtors close more deals. Real Estate Agents or Brokers have the benefit of knowing they are working with a financial services company that prides itself on ethical and moral values. Helping Realtors close deals is part of our all encompassing vision of providing an all around service to anyone requiring real estate financing.

helping realtors close deals

Part of our mission is to provide

timely, honest, and experienced service to Real Estate Sales Representatives when they need it the most, the times and moments when they are in the negotiating phase of purchasing a property for their client and they want to make sure that their client’s mortgage needs has been addressed and avoiding unnecessary surprises.

All the Real Estate Agent or Broker has to do

is to introduce us to their client and we’ll take it from there. We will keep the Realtor in the loop and update them on the status of their clients mortgage application never keeping them in the dark. By helping Realtors close deals, we’re helping them to establish and maintain a positive relationship with their clients, which in turn can create referral opportunities when family and friends of their clients are looking for a credible and professional Realtor to work with.

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